20 Lessons To Learn In Your 20s (And Remember Forever)

much needed inspiration ^^

Thought Catalog

I’m not even a full year into my twenties but I already feel like I have such an insight into the next ten years ahead of me. As everyone tells me, I do believe my twenties are going to be one of the best ages of my life. I can get away with being foolish and acting like a child, while still being held responsible for all the adult stuff that children haven’t learned yet. It’s a time to learn and it’s a time to realize. And naturally, I’m still working on all 20 of these.

1. Inject yourself and everyone you meet with love.

Not the friend love, the fake love, or the love just because you feel you’re obligated to return it. I’m talking about the genuine, sincere, love them so much it hurts you type of love. Love yourself and let your positive energy spread to those…

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