SO if you are reading this, then you would clearly want to know what this blog is about. If you are just passing through, I say… Hi. Won’t you stay a while?

Hello. I am a 22 year old… well I want to say woman, the truth is I’m still a girl. Not exactly fully grown into the world of adulthood, and therefore I can’t call myself a woman. Yet. Right, so I am a 22 year old girl who is just about to graduate college in the matter of months, who is slowly yet surely realizing that… she’s actually stepping into the real world now. Where troubles are more expansive, responsibilities are vast, and you future, if you want to face it or not, is just a stone throw away. Which, if you were in my position (unsure), that is a pretty BIG realization.

What is one to do?

So before I go and throw myself out there into the ocean of the world, I decided to spend a good number of days to do everything I always wanted to across my student life, which I never got to, considering I was an extracurricular w#ore, and I was busy during the summers as well.

Now with absolutely NOTHING to do afterwards, until and unless I decide applying for job, I want to spend these next two months fully celebrated. Doing small things, silly, things, learning new things, revisiting old ones, its… going to be quite an adventure knowing me.

Not only the next two months, but the ones after that too. I wanted to see or record or share how I grow into the adult world. You know, basic things. Getting my first job, pay check, etc. etc.

So I decided to make a blog out of it. This one, I hope, wouldn’t slowly deteriorate in interest. But hey! No time to look into the pessimistic side of things.

Celebrate the advent of adulthood with me. =]



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